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Tullamarine Football club in association with the Victorian government, TAC & AFL
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2020 committee structure chart


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A message from the EDFL to all Clubs, Spectators and Officials.

Spectator Fines: We continue to receive weekly complaints regarding inappropriate comments and behavior directed at umpires, during & post match, from team officials and supporters. The EDFL loses more than 130 umpires every year, with many indicating abuse by officials or supporters as the key reason for them leaving our umpiring fraternity.
As a result, the EDFL will introduce from this weekend, a club issued fine of $250 per instance when a report is sent to the league by an umpire, umpiring official, Board member or EDFL staff member regarding inappropriate behavior directed towards or involving umpires

Don’t be the supporter that costs the club!!


Want to be an EDFL umpire?


Tullamarine Football club coaching appointments for season 2019:

Male: Senior & Junior

Seniors Coach David Connell 0421 522 521

Support Staff: Rod Horton, Cameron Hare, Jason Harmes, Drew Hynninen


Coach Justin Marcy 0421 96 6 512, Asst Coach Ross Warden

Under 19

Coach Peter Labbad 0419 542 165, Asst Daniel Greenwood

Senior Women's

Anthony Montrose 0421 303 172, Asst Tilly Yaman 

U18 Girls 

Samuel Clark 

U15 Girls

Coach Gavin Kelly 0430 040 560, Asst Ben Hickson

U13 Mixed 

Coach Steve Sulman 0415 423 628, Asst Paul Cusack, Team Manager Tania Caulifield 0433 265 614

U11 Mixed 

Coach Paul Dunn 0411 661 161, Asst Coach Jamie Storer, Team Manager Cristy Storer 0400 577 017

U9 Mixed 

Coach Jake Hardman 0432 052 455, Team Manager Maree Daly 0409 252 080

Support Your Club - 2019 Memberships deals    ignore the year, same prices as 2018

Tulla Junior Girls

Players wanted for 2019:   Under 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 & U19 teams


Tullamarine FC Captain and leadership group for season 2019


Tullamarine Football Club 2019 Committee

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Tullamarine Netball Club

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The Auskick program starts in April. Be sure to get registered at Auskick 2019-registration. More details and the calendar for next year will be available on the Auskick page soon.


Be sure to get your Tulla merchandise which will be available on match days and training nights. Also check out the Social calendar and start planning as we are looking forward to some big events throughout the year and it would be great to see all members, supporters and players (where age appropriate) in attendance.


Ambulance Cover
To all players, please ensure you have ambulance cover and private health insurance for season 2017. In addition please consider income protection in the event of an injury.

Australian Football National Risk Protection Cover website. PDF Flier

Call to past players
 The Tullamarine Football Club would like to refresh its database of Past Players.
 Would you please click on the below link and provide your current details
 Past Players Database

Every Friday and Saturday night at 6.30pm. You must be in attendance to win.


237045 3/6/19

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James Brothers Butchery

Sheen Group

Telstra Business Centre Essendon 1300 548 700 & Airport West 9330 0222

Victorian Container Management

Matthews Glass & Glazing

Skyways Tavern-Airport West

Melbourne Airport Club

Tullamarine milk bar & convenience store
59 Dawson St, Tullamarine VIC 3043

Jason Real Estate

Melbourne Airport

Accident repair & Towing

Melrose Pizza

APA Olsen

Mantra Tullamarine Hotel

37 Carrick Drive, Tullamarine VIC 3043

Bobby's Plants

Tullamarine swim school

FRR Cinel Civil Engineers



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