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Rounds 7 - 12

Rd #: EDFL BYE, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's, Under 9's

Rd 7: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's, Under 9's    27th-28th May

Rd 8: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's, Under 9's    3rd-4th June

Rd 9: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's, Under 9's    17th-18th June

Rd 10: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's. Under 9's   24th-25th June

Rd 11: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's. Under 9's

Rd 12: Seniors, Reserves, Under 17's, Under 13's, Under 11's. Under 9's 

Rounds 1-6      Rounds 13-18

Rd 6 Under 11's

This week we played Coburg district's who are undefeated so far this season, even though we lost to them by 4 goals I could not be prouder of how we stood up to them and everyone played really well with Oliver kicking 2 goals and Teja kicking 1,I think if we can play like we did Sunday our next win will not be far away.


Rd 7 Under 11's     Hillside 6.5-41 d Tullamarine 2.4-16


This week we played Hillside, I thought we played very well considering we had 3 players out for various reasons, we had more of the ball but didn't seem to bounce our way and again seem to struggle to  kick goals at crucial times and also hit the post twice ,however we were very competitive but went down by 4 goals . Tyler and Ethan were our goal kickers with 1 each.


Richard Cowell


Rd 7 Seniors    Tullamarine 12.13-85 d East Keilor 8.5-53

In unfamiliar territory of spending two weekends without footy our Senior team lined up against East Keilor at home in blustery Autumn conditions.

Mindful that East Keilor came in off the back of their first win for the season against Hadfield, we made it a focus to gain the ascendency early despite kicking against a strong breeze. David Scott gave our mids first use of the ball in the middle and around the ground we began to get on top early with Will Becker proving to be a handy target up forward. Unfortunately a heavy hit and resulting concussion to Joel Flanigan meant we were one player down mid-way thru the first quarter however the boys took a one goal lead into the first break.

At quarter time there was an emphasis on adapting our game style to the conditions, being direct, not overusing the football and to focus on stopping any rebound footy coming out of our forward line. Craig Steele again started the quarter well negating his opponent from getting his hands on the footy. Some hard in and under work from our midfield brigade such as Jack Sims and Marcus Smith and some fine defensive acts from Tim Baressi ensured we took a 33 point lead into the main break.

Coming out in the 2nd half and again up against a strong breeze we held off from immediately putting an extra number behind the ball. Steele and Baressi were again well on top of their opponents and Dean Simmons continued to get his hands on the football and proved to be that vital cog between defence and attack. East Keilor played some better football in the 3rd quarter which tested our ability to maintain calmness and resolve.  Goals to Robinson and VFL listed Liberatore helped to stem the flow against the wind and saw Tulla take a 22 point lead into the final break.

We knew the wind wasn’t going to get us over the line on its own and we controlled majority of the ball in the last quarter. Thanks to our continued effort and ability to win one on one contests the game was over at about the 15min mark.

Whilst the scoreboard showed a 32 point win we still have a lot to work on in order to play to our full potential and the boys have moved quickly onto this week’s game. A 3rd vs 4th match up on Saturday will see us take on Hillside at Hillside oval with the winner helping to further strengthen their place in the top 4.

Best players: C. Steele, J. Sims, D.Simmons, C. Harward, T. Barresi, D. Bartrop, D. Scott

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Rd 7 Reserves    East Keilor 10.11-71 d Tullamarine 4.7-31

Goal Kickers: K. Forehan, D. Devine, L. Hearnden, C. Singh
Best Players: J. Kyprianou, P. Rametta, C. Pereira-Oliva, D. Devine, B. Cid, J. Leckey

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Rd 7 Under 17's     Oak Park 13.13-91 d Tullamarine  6.1-37

A difficult match for us, playing the second side and being undermanned didn't help.
First half was very good being within 4 points at half time but we were down on players and fell away as the game progressed.
The final scores do not reflect the effort the boys put in and all things considered it was a very positive showing.

Goal Kickers: H. Stevens 2, D. Watts 2, L. Montrose, J. Manning
Best Players: K. Flavel wood, L. White, T. Matson, J. Hoye, B. Horton, J. Brown

Next week we play Keilor (3rd on ladder) at Green Gully Reserve

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Rd 7 Under 13's    Tullamarine 3.2-20 def by Doutta Stars 8.10-58

This game was definitely a reminder of the hard work we still need to put in at training as a team so we can see the results become more closer or finish in a win for us.

We generally start off well and then have a bad spell during a quarter where the opposition kicks a few goals. This we need to address along with Arguing with umpire decisions.

On a positive note, there was some really good passages of team play that resulted in scores. We just need more of these plays and be more consistent across all 4 quarters. We are improving every week which is good to see, this will then translate into more wins.

Go Tulla!!!!!!!

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Rd 7 Under 9's

On Sunday we played Coburg Lions at home

The game was fast paced with not many scoring opportunities for either side.

Again the Tulla kids showed that they are an impressive defensive side and the tackling was outstanding.

The frosty and slippery ground meant we had a few kids go down injured but everyone of them jumped back up and played on

Great courage and great work!

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Rd 8 Seniors.     Tullamarine 9.7-61 d Hillside 8.9-57  

We travelled to Hillside fully aware of the result from our last encounter at their home ground. With Daniel Devine, Chris Pereira and Dale Foote entering the team as replacements for the injured Justin Marcy and Joel Flanagan, and unavailable Link Robinson, we knew a victory today would require a complete team effort.

We started the game slowly and found ourselves 2 goals to nil by the 10 minute mark of the first quarter. Our ability to win the ball was good but our disposal by foot was certainly below par with turnovers occurring with monotonous regularity. Thankfully, our backline was holding up under enormous pressure and was arguably the main reason we were as close as we were at quarter time. The 9 point margin was not a true reflection of the dominance Hillside enjoyed in the first quarter.  

Our second quarter was a complete turnaround from the one previous. We began hitting targets and generally moved the ball with far greater purpose and fluency for extended periods. Some of our less heralded players rose to the occasion and turned the game in our favour. Our 5 goal to 2 quarter gave us plenty of confidence going into the half time break with a 10 point lead but we knew there was still plenty of work to do if wanted to contain the dangerous Hillside team in the second half.

The third quarter was a 30 minute arm wrestle with both teams searching for the decisive swing in momentum in the hope of forging a game breaking surge. With neither team able to gain the ascendency the net result of a dour 30 minutes of football was just an additional 2 points in our favour with both teams having scored just the two majors each. Our 12 point lead at three quarter time was just reward for our desperate defence and hard work through the middle of the ground but whether it would be enough to hold off a confident Hillside, only time would tell.

The last quarter saw Tullamarine keep Hillside at bay for most of the quarter as it looked to protect a 3 goal lead for much of the first 15 minutes. With the game played mostly between the arcs it was clear neither team was prepared to concede just yet. In the next 5-10 minutes the momentum swung decidedly in Hillside's favour as they seriously challenged to over run us with two goals in quick succession. With time still left on the clock for a come from behind win Hillside attacked feverously and threw everything at us in a tense last 5 - 10 minutes. However,  despite the threat, the resolve of the Tullamarine playing group would not be denied and we managed to hang on in typical gritty fashion.

A 4 point victory away against a genuine Top 4 side was a most pleasing result and just reward for the brave 22 Tullamarine Demons who represented their club so proudly and delivered what we hope will be a season-changing result.

Best players: Jono Hardman, Craig Steele, Tim Baressi, Jack Sims, Robbie Nikolic, Will Becker, Caleb Harward

Next game we play Oak Park at home in what will be another desperate and dour season defining encounter for both teams.  

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Under 13's Rd 8.     Craigieburn 6.13-49 def Tullamarine 6.2-38

Well was this a game to watch. Really proud of this effort by our ever improving team.

We started the match short 2 players (due to various reasons) until the second quarter where we received some support from some talented U11s players.To our teams credit and commitment they started strong and both teams scored goals for the quarter. We then had self belief that we could mix it with a top team. For the next 2 quarters we really played hard team footy giving us plenty of scoring opportunities unfortunately we fell short and Cragieburn capitilised on theirs to out score us 4 goals to 1. This set the last quarter up for us to really have belief in coming from behind to win this game. Well the team delivered! we started with a goal in the first 30 seconds and were really pressuring the opposition. We ended up outscoring them 4 goals to 1 in the last only to fall 11 points short from what could of been a great win by the team. This Game really showed how far we are improving as a side, We didnt argue with umpires, we concentrated on the footy and were very disciplined. A great effort that they should be proud of. Cannot wait until after the break to see this side improve and show the comp what Tullamarine are made of! Go Tulla!!!!!

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Under 9's Rd 8     Sunday we played Oak Park at JP Fawkner reserve.

The contest was a very even one with both sides consistently scoring throughout the match.

By half time Matilda & Tyler had both kicked goals and all kids were doing a great job applying pressure and getting 1st hands on the ball.

The 3rd qtr went oak parks way as they were able to kick 3 late goals, we just couldn't get the ball through the big sticks.  

It was very pleasing to see each of our kids put in a big last qtr which I thought we dominated. Tyler kicked another fantastic goal on the run after shrugging a tackle and Jyi kicked a skilful goal from about 20m out, he could of quite easily had 3 as he hit the post 2 times also 

Beau our captain for day, Lachlan & Indi were in the thick of things throughout the game, Ollie consistently went in and got the ball out of the contest.
All in all I can honestly say collectively it was the best team effort for the year.

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Seniors Rd 9     Tullamarine 8.10-58 d Oak Park 8.2-50   17thJune 2017

In –L.Smith, Flanigan, Robinson   Out – Scott, Liberatore, Simmons

Round 9 sees us up against Oak Park at home, whilst we are very satisfied with our solid win over Hillside we all know that Oak Park will be coming to win in order to save their season hence we need to be sure that we hit the ground running to ensure we do not give them a sniff.

Coming into the Tullamarine side we have Joel Flannigan returning from injury, Link Robinson and Lach Smith who comes in for Liberatore who received a late call up for VFL duties.

Tulla started the first quarter in dominate fashion holding the majority of possession and keeping the ball in our forward half. A snapped goal from Harward put us on the board early. Although as per previous weeks we weren’t fully able to capitalise and put our opposition away. A goal after the siren to Oak Park had us go into the first change 14 points up.

The second term carried on much the same as the first; Tulla again controlled the play and had the majority of possession and when Oak Park were able to go forward our ever reliable back line led by Craig Steele  were able to repel. After kicking another 3 goals for the quarter Tulla went into the main break leading by 22 points.

Oak Park came out as a different side in the third quarter, taking up the challenge to Tulla all over the ground. This said they in a similar fashion to us in the first half they were unable to fully take advantage of this, only being able to convert 2 goals to our 1 for the term. Tulla went into the final break up by 15 points.

The fourth quarter went on in similar fashion as the third. Oak Park had their tails up and seemed to want the ball more than what we did, drawing within 2 points of us late in the quarter. The last 5 minutes was an extremely tough contest with both sides not giving an inch, a consolation goal after the siren had us finish the game up by 8 points.

Next week see’s us take on Airport West, another finals contender, at home.

Best Players – D.Bartrop, Corbett, Barresi, Burns, M.Smith, Harward, Mulvaney 

Goal Kickers: C. Harward 3, L. Robinson 2, J. Sims, W. Becker, R. Nikolic

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Reserves Rd 9     Tullamarine 15.10-100 d Oak Park 11.5-71

Goal Kickers: B. Allen 6, S. McIntyre 2, M. Burns 2, S. O''Farrell 2, M. Jennings, J. Port, K. Forehan
Best Players: A. Ferzulla, B. Daly, J. Port, M. Jennings, C. Singh, B. Allen

Under 17's Rd 9     Tullamarine  18.8-116 d  Burnside Heights  2.2-14

After a week off and a team dinner last week, The boys were up and about to play only the 3rd home game for the year.

We started the first quarter so well, we ran hard and shared the ball to our 3 tall forwards. Kicking 5 goals in the first quarter to one set us up well.

We continued to do the same in the second which was pleasing. Our back six backed them selves to run off and create options through the middle the flowing on to our forwards.

A solid 10 goal lead in the first half was pleasing. The only negative was how poor we were below our knees. An area needing solid improvement.

Second half we really started to run better and having many forward 50 entrees. Giving us opportunities to score heavily. We ended up with a strong 102 point win.

Our new recruit Jack Johnson was excellent for his first game, giving us options up forward and in the ruck.  Zack and Seth were strong talls whilst Tyler rucked well all day. Liam was scouting and dangerous all day kicking 3 and our middle was strong.

A great performance by the whole team and excellent to have another win.

The belief needs to be there as the door is wide open to have a tilt at the flag. It was nice to finally have a full side though for the first time in weeks.

Goal Kickers: Z. Zuehlke 4, T. Stoikov 3, L. Montrose 3, M. Watts 2, D. Watts 2, B. Davidson, J. McCormack, T. Matson, J. Brown
Best Players: D. Watts, M. Watts, T. Stoikov, T. Matson, J. Hoye, J. Johnston

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Under 13's Rd 9     Tullamarine 7.5-47 d Greenvale 6.6-42

These are the types of games that make coaching so enjoyable. Our team of ever improving players beat the top of the ladder and undefeated side, Greenvale. Gee whiz and what a game it was. Tulla got off to a great start, creating numerous scoring opportunities and taking a 7 point, first quarter lead. Greenvale then came back strong in the second quarter to take a 1 point lead at halftime. It was the third quarter where Tulla really played good team footy, kicking 2 goals while keeping Greenvale scoreless for the quarter, Tulla leading by 11 points, setting up a really good contest for the last quarter. Tullamarine were against it as Greenvale were kicking to the scoring end.

To the credit of our team they held strong and played attacking footy and never gave up until the final siren, finally winning by 5 points. What was really pleasing about the win was the self belief and confidence to take it up to the top team. Our backline was tremendous all day and stood firm under pressure. Our midfield ran their guts out to win the clearances and give our ever dangerous forwards plenty of opportunities. The way we used each other by hand and foot was really pleasing to watch. Let's shake up the comp and put ourselves in contention for the finals. Keep up the good work and Go Tulla!!!!

Goal Kickers: N. Melville 2, A. Warden 2, F. Mitri 2, M. Cook

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Under 11's Rd 9     Avondale Heights 3.5-23 d Tullamarine 1.0-6

This week we played Avondale heights at home, and again getting off to a good start kicking the first goal which was enough to keep us in the lead for half the game but again we struggled to convert our good play into goals going down by 17 points with Oliver our only goal scorer.

Goal Kickers: O. Galloway
Best Players: T. Arulappu, M. Pixton, A. Sirp, M. Lewis, J. Cowell

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Under 9's Rd 9      Tullamarine v Roxburgh Park  No score kept for under 9's 

The game started off well for us with Matilda kicking the first goal of the game within minutes. For the remainder of the 1st and second quarter we struggled to hit the scoreboard. 

3rd quarter Ryan took a very good mark and finished it off by kicking his 1st goal for the club, well done Ryan.

In the final quarter we displayed very good forward line pressure which resulted in Locky kicking the only goal for the quarter.

The game was evenly matched throughout and it was great to see our kids display a good ability to link up handball And as per usual contest fiercely throughout the game. A big thanks to 4 of our kids Rogan, Darcy, Toby and Ryan who were good enough to assist the other team throughout separate quarters in the game, great team work displayed.

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Seniors Rd 10 v Airport West   24thJune 2017

Tullamarine 16.10.106 d Airport West 11.10.76

In –Marcy, Scott, Allen, Port   Out – Corbett, L.Smith, McGuire, Laurie

Round 10 seen us at home yet again for our return fixture against Airport West. Anticipated to be a tight tussle with 2nd playing 3rd we definitely needed to put up a strong performance against well drilled opposition in order to maintain our hold of second position.

The first quarter seen us jump out of the blocks, winning consistent contested ball and driving the ball long into our forward. Scott starting deep forward definitely worried and stretched AWs backs, which also helped free up our other forwards. Whilst dominating for the first 20 mins we were unable to fully put AW away, going into the break 14 points up.

Airport West come out strong in the second, putting pressure on us all over the ground as well as converting on the scoreboard. This said as the quarter drew on we started to claw our way back with separate acts of courage by Will Becker and Junior Scott ensuring we went into the half time break with our tails up.

The third quarter was another tough tussle with neither team giving an inch and being able to break away, Flanagan the stand out for us across the back half consistently getting a fist where required. Both sides kicked 3 goals apiece to have us leading by a slender 2 points at three quarter time.

It was make or break for us in the fourth, in which we definitely made. We found something that we have lacked at times over the first half of the season – the ability to put sides away. Scott and Foote continued to dominate in the ruck giving our mid-field led by Bartrop and Burns first clean use of the ball which in turn seen us giving our forwards ongoing opportunities to convert, which we did, kicking 6 goals straight for the quarter in comparison to AWs 1.2, leaving us 30 points up at the final siren.

Overall our best performance of the season, this said we will not be getting too carried away and will turn our attention to our next clash, away against Westmeadows.

Best Players – Scott, Bartrop, Burns, Port, Marcy, Flanagan, Becker.

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Seniors Rd 11 v Westmeadows @ Westmeadows  1st July 2017

Westmeadows 5.11-41 def. by Tullamarine 11.11-77

In – Corbett

Out – Steele

Our round 11 clash see’s us up against our cross town rivals at Westmeadows at Willowbrook Reserve. Whilst Westmeadows have been not at their best this season we are fully aware of what they can be capable of and definitely won’t be resting on our laurels.

The first quarter kicked off a tight contest with both teams working hard to win possession, whilst we had the upper hand with early domination by Scott in the ruck we were unable to fully capitalise by converting on the scoreboard. Both sides very inaccurate in front of goal kicking a combined 9 points in comparison to the solitary goal left us up by the slim margin of 5 points at the first break.

Positive signs began to come out in the second term, whilst not playing anywhere near our best we begun to win the ball around the ground as well as rebounding strong from defence, led by Devine. This in turn led us to pull away from Westmeadows on the scoreboard, going into the half leading by 20 points.

The third quarter seen us come out of the blocks with a bang, with an early goal to Marcy getting the momentum going. From here it was time for our young players to shine with Corbett in the bottom of every pack and Baressi kicking an outstanding goal after persisting in 5 separate contests beforehand. Again our relentless pressure seen us pull further away on the scoreboard, kicking 4 goals to 1 for the quarter going into the final break 38 points up.

The final term seen Westmeadows come out strong, knowing their season was on the line, although which has been the case week after week we stuck strong, maintained our discipline and continued to win the contests we needed to. This is turn seen us play out the game on top finishing a straight 6 goals up on the final siren.

All in all a good outcome for us, positives signs that even when weren’t at our best we continued to do what is needed to pull out the other side, another tough contest this week as we take on Taylors Lakes off the back of a solid win against Airport West at home.

Best Players – Smith, Bartrop, Burns, Scott, Devine, Corbett, Baressi

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Under 17's Rd 12 v Roxburgh Park

The theme for this match was BELIEVE

Fixture: Back to play Roxburgh park at their home ground again after playing them 3 weeks ago was a tough task, considering we were beaten by 20 goals last time we met.

So fair to say all I wanted is the boys to be more competitive and commit everything they have for the full 80 mins.

Well, did the boys respond? Yes they did, they were all over the magpies in the first quarter, kicking the first 3 goals of the game, we did have a strong breeze, but never the less a solid start.

Second quarter, my instructions were, slow the game and just waste time while they had the breeze, and the boys listened. We went in at half time 1 point up.

Well, the 3rd term, we kicked 7 straight goals, to no score and blew it out the park. We ran well, kicked long as instructed and just had winners all over the ground.

Last quarter we needed to hold tight so they don’t come over the top, and again, we slowed play and held the football at all costs.

It was one of the best wins I have seen in a while, especially after the blow we took 3 weeks ago with a heavy loss. The response from these kids has shown the penny has dropped and they are good enough. They believed and they delivered. This game and win has change the path we were going down, and set us up for a huge tilt in the finals, but most of all, it has given these kids confidence which they were lacking.

I am the proudest coach, I love these kids and I love the Tullamarine Football club.  Big 3 weeks ahead of us now. 

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